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2020-2021 U9-U19 Competitive Soccer Registration


Registering for competitive soccer with Manitou FC allows you to play in the competitive leagues during the 2020-2021 soccer season.  Manitou FC continues to work on bringing you what we believe is the best soccer value in the State. We provide high caliber coaches and trainers at all levels to help kids be all that they want to be. The club is committed to maintaining some of the lowest soccer fees in the area. We're committed to providing you and your family an excellent soccer experience at a competitive price. 


Please make sure you have reviewed the following items:


Competitive Team Costs:


Competitive Deposit/Payment Plans: In order to plan for team assignments and arranging coaches, Manitou FC is collecting a Competitive Deposit.  The Competitive Deposit ($150 at U9/U10 and $200 at U11 and up) is due at the time of Competitive Registration, and the remaining fees can be paid in full or paid in four installments (September 15, 2020, November 15, 2020, January 15, 2021, March 15, 2021).  


CDC MDH Pandemic Related Suspension of Play Refund

Manitou FC understands the enormous financial strain a pandemic like COVID-19 has had on our members and our club.  As a club, we are committed to being fair and financially responsible. Effective immediately we are offering two options for pandemic related refunds.

  1.  Opt-in - No Refund, Player will continue to train virtually, via ZOOM or other Virtual types of training and will follow any Return to Play Guidelines to return to in-person training and or play. The Player will continue to be bound to Manitou FC.
  2.  Opt-Out - Partial Refund - Player will discontinue training and a prorated amount will be refunded based upon the amount of the season played/trained, minus any club expenses, which could include but not limited to: Un-reimbursed Field/Dome Fees, Coach Fees, Tournament Fees, Administration Fees, etc. The player is still bound to Manitou FC.  


Competitive Team Levels and Expectations: 





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